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Am I paying extra for these channels?

Question asked by nebulatig on Feb 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2016 by shaw-shaun

I looked at the channels I am getting. At the bottom of the list it has :

  • 030 - BBC World News
  • 131 - BET Black Entertainment TV
  • 132 - GSN Game Show Network
  • 146 - SportsNet - Ontario (Blackout)


I never ordered these or asked for them. Are they just part of a bundle I have or am I paying extra for them?


Also I am getting 241 and 243 but not 242 yet it shows its all part of the same bundle. Is this because my account has been "grandfathered" in? Should my account be updated?


My bill says this:

2 Pack Discount




Premier TV

High Speed 25

Personal Phone