Shaw Cap Enforcement

Discussion created by dhuhtala on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by matt@shaw.ca

So I keep hearing Shaw doesn't enforce their caps like Telus does. I'm here to tell you that's not true! I was harassed by several phone calls from Shaw that I don't typically answer when I see the caller ID but they kept calling and tracked me down at work and called my cell phone in a meeting. I answered and found out it was their bandwidth team calling me to tell me that I had been exceeding my cap for the last few months.  So I wasn't in the happiest of moods as the interrupted my work to tell me this.

Turns out they were going to cancel my service unless I upgraded to 120 Mbps service at almost double my current cost of $70/month. I told them no way and then they proceeded to explain to me how to reconfigure my Netflix so it didn't "use so much bandwidth" - ie, removing HD. I told them I wasn't going to do that and I wasn't interested in increasing my speed so that I could hit my monthly cap that much sooner. I asked what the unlimited option is - like Telus' $30 deal. They said there isn't one and then told me nobody can offer that...it's not possible. So that wasn't true.

They finally pushed me into making a choice so I told them I would cancel my 25 year subscription with them if they were going to bully me into paying for a service I didn't want. They eagerly offered to transfer me to their cancellation department. I told them to wait until I had another service lined up. They just wanted to dump me as a high maintenance, high bandwidth user!

So now I'm with TekSavvy...paying $20 a month less WITH UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH, running much faster and USING THE SAME SHAW NETWORK I WAS USING BEFORE! TekSavvy uses Shaw and Telus networks to offer their own service. So now Shaw has dumped me as a long term customer, they haven't saved any bandwidth at all because I'm still using their network and I'm getting much better performance than I had before. Note: their 25 Mbps service only downloads at 15 Mbps - never any more.  I assumed it was the server I was downloading from that was the bottleneck but now that I'm on 30 Mbps and getting the full 30 Mbps download speeds, I know Shaw was throttling me.

My question is...how do I get the people at Shaw to stop calling me and asking me to come back to their Internet service at a discount...when THEY DUMPED ME?!  Lot of nerve!