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So i have called shaw quite a few different times for my internet issues and for a better rate and useless. I have internet 60 and i am only getting 25 mbps and in the basement the range for it is pathetic and when i contact shaw they do a network test and say "from my end looks good" that is great but from my end it is crap. I'd have no issue with paying $93 if the internet actually worked appropriately.


Then i call to get a better deal because the new packages end up being more expensive to get which is a joke and what do i get from the customer service rep "nope" then i ask are you sure there isn't a better deal? "nope haha its whats advertised"


Then i watch my sister contact TELUS and ask for a better deal.. ASAP they offer her something and even when she wanted more they took her to Loyalty and Retention and they offered an excessive amount of discounts for her for 12 months.


Obviously, TELUS is the better at customer service. I have been with shaw for probably 20 years and it is crap the service. I wouldn't care to pay regular price if everything worked properly but the internet alone barely works


I would love to get a better deal and match telus cause if not, i will be switching. But speaking to the customer service representatives have seemed just not worth it since they are not willing to help at all.