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Is my Cisco DPCN3825 preventing an external drive from being hooked up?

Question asked by chanteling on Feb 5, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2013 by chanteling

I have a Cisco DPCN3825 modem and a My Book Live external drive from Western Digital. When I plug my external drive into the modem via Ethernet cable, the modem doesn't seem to recognize it. When I go through the set-up procedure on my Windows 7 computer, the computer doesn't recognize the external drive. The drive is definitely connected to the internet because I can direct connect to it online.


This is the second My Book Live I've had because a Western Digital customer service rep said the first one was faulty since my computer wouldn't recognize that one. And now it's happening again with the new replacement. I've followed all of Western Digital troubleshooting steps and I'm wondering if the problem is the modem. The cable I plug into the modem is supposed to light up amber on my external drive and it doesn't, making me think there's a problem in some way with the connection.


Anyway, any light anyone can shed on this issue would be truly appreciated.


Thank you!