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Shaw's 2 year value plan

Question asked by nanuuk on Mar 2, 2016
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Hello. I am a long time Shaw customer and currently subscribe to bundled services of tv, internet, and phone. I own a Gateway and two portals. I note with great interest that you are advertising up to $1000 in savings if you sign up to a 2 year value plan. This offer includes an advanced wi-fi modem (from my Cisco DPC 3825), Gateway rental and Shomi and CraveTv for an introductory price for 6 months. All told $104.90 for two years?


So my questions:


Is this offer for new customers only?

Am I misinterpreting the offer?


I should also add I do have Shaw Direct equipment with my RV (need to sign up though) and I'm trying to keep costs down on my retiree's pension.


Thanks in advance for your response.