High Speed Over Charge

Discussion created by goodwin82 on Mar 6, 2016
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If you have a grandfathered internet plan, or any plan I imagine, Shaw will not tell you on the phone, by email or smoke signal that you are overpaying or that your rate to service is level is wrong - why would they, paying more for less is what they want the customer to do.


I have the old "High Speed" internet plan that is 7.5Mbps and I am paying $61 a month for it. Shaw's internet 15 package is $63 dollars and 15Mbps. So if you have the old "High Speed" package you are paying for internet 15 but getting internet their internet 5 package.


In the year, and I hope it's only a year, that I have been overpaying I have called Shaw a bunch of times, both to move services, and for general help, and not once did anyone mention that I should switch to the new plan, even after conversations directly about my internet usage. It wasn't until I brought it up and specifically asked why my internet was so slow that finally someone told me I was paying the higher service rate but getting the lower service speed.


After over an hour on the phone customer service told me that it's my fault for not calling more frequently, for not specifically asking what internet level/cost I am paying for, and for not running a speed test more often. All this despite the fact that I had called them a number of times over the previous year.


So for anyone out there with an old internet package, you are likely paying for services you aren't getting and Shaw will do nothing to help you, except blame you. I have exhausted my options to no avail, but I hope I can prevent other people from losing their money.