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Duplicate emails showing up in Outlook | Issues with ActiveSync?

Question asked by phlogiston on Mar 22, 2016
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Recently, I have noticed some weirdness going on in with emails in my Shaw inbox in Outlook. Quite often, I find that I get duplicate copies. This started happening a handful of days ago. At about the same time, I noticed that the ActiveSync configuration for the same Shaw account on my cell phone started to behave strangely as well. For example, I used to see every email message that arrived to my Shaw inbox, regardless of whether I had read the message or not. Now, if I read the message using the full Outlook client, I will not see the message in my mobile Outlook client.


I did not change any configurations before observing this new behavior.


Are the two things related: duplicate messages and ActiveSync weirdness? Is there a fix for the duplicate messages I am seeing in my Inbox. How can I restore the original functionality of my Outlook mobile (ActiveSync) client?


And, related to this is why doesn't Shaw get a real mail system that can handle all the features that should be available for ActiveSync? For example, I would like to be able to delete a message on my cell phone and have it deleted from my Inbox.