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Why else do I need to do to see my other computer on my network?

Question asked by edarte on Feb 6, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2013 by tkdragon

Can anyone suggest what I can try next?


I have a home network that consists of two computers. PC1 is running XP and McAfee 11.6(Shaw secure). PC2 is running Windows 7 and McAfee 11.6(Shaw secure).  PC1/XP can see PC2/7 in Microsoft Windows Network/Workgroup and it can view and edit documents on it.  However on PC2/7 it only sees itself in Network (listed in Explorer) and I have no access to PC1/XP

On PC1/XP in McAfee Security Center My Network My Computer is displayed with a name and IP address of  On PC2/7 in McAfee, My Computer is displayed with its name and its correct IP address.

I can ping each computer from the other. I have file and print sharing turned on, on both. I have deleted and re installed McAfee on PC1/XP but it still shows IP address