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Limited TV: Listings on "View Current Channels" vs Actual

Question asked by jtice on Mar 13, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2016 by shaw-tamara

I changed to Limited TV on February 20th.   Noted that several channels listed on "My Account" were not functioning.

I've now charged over 2 hours to my cel phone for customer support, waited over an hour and a half on hold.   I've had my PVR switched out (losing all the associated recordings).  I get that you had difficulties coding Dawson Creek, and that several channels that were -supposed- to be sent to my region weren't.  I do appreciate that you resolved this issue for some of those channels.   I've also been told that I'm not supposed to actually get the following channels, that -do- appear on "My Account" --> TV --> "View Current Channels"

  • 072 - CTV Calgary
  • 073 - CTV Winnipeg
  • 074 - CTV Toronto
  • 077 - Global Saskatoon
  • 078 - Global Toronto
  • 083 - PBS Detroit
  • 084 - FOX Rochester
  • 085 - NBC Detroit
  • 086 - ABC Detroit
  • 087 - CBS Detroit


If the "My Account" channel listing does not accurately reflect my channel lineup, I'm left wondering what else is different.