WWE Network on VOD

Discussion created by steveweizer on Mar 18, 2016
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Well its been a year now since the WWE  Network was launched, and STILL NO Shaw VOD CONTENT I am tired of watching on my phone and the channel just repeats the same shows over and over. After reading these mods comments saying the VOD content will be available on our set top boxes April of last year, and it is still not available yet, is beyond frustrating. How about giving a straight answer WHEN or IF it will ever be?? Instead of saying there is no ETA every reply! Its been a year now that is not an excuse. I deserve a legit answer on what the delay is. I have 10 family and cartoon channels I dont want (because its part of the cable package) but no WWE network on VOD which I do want. Get your [redacted] together shaw, rogers and bell are miles ahead of you.


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