Inaccurate Internet Usage Tracking

Discussion created by lunar on Mar 22, 2016
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Setup: cable outlet to splitter; splitter to telephone modem and cable modem; cable modem to router with Tomato firmware, Shibby Mod; router to wireless and wired devices


Tomato firmware has a WAN bandwidth monitor. Over the last 60+ days, I log in daily (with the exception of a few days) to track the internet usage details.


By comparing the usage on my router and the usage reported by the Shaw internet usage tracking tool, I found that Shaw's usage aren't accurate at all.


Shaw's usage tool under reports (when comparing to router running Tomato firmware) a significant number of days. While Shaw's usage tool over reports rarely, the amount of traffic it over reports are significant. There are very few days where Shaw's usage tool reports the same usage number as the Tomato firmware.


Jan to Feb billing period, Shaw's usage tool over reported 25.9 GB; 21.8 GB after subtracting the under report data; over reported 21.7 GB in a single day


Feb to Mar billing period, Shaw's usage tool over reported 12.9 GB; 5.4 GB after subtracting the under report data; over reported 9.4 GB in a single day


Even though router does not account for traffic from Shaw Go Wifi devices, I hardly believe that our household used that amount of usage with Shaw Go Wifi.


Prior to the day that Shaw's usage tool over reported 9.4 GB, all MAC addresses were removed from the Shaw Go Wifi Device Management. No one from our household logged onto Shaw Go Wifi on the day that the tool over reported 9.4 GB.


I know that Shaw does not charge for any bandwidth overage at this time. I would appreciate if the tracking tool stops showing red, indication that I have gone over the usage limit, when the Tomato firmware shows otherwise.


The other explanation would be Tomato firmware is reporting inaccurate data instead of Shaw's usage tool. This is extremely unlikely as the usage data reported by Tomato firmware closely matches the bandwidth usage by the devices.