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Question asked by wlw on Mar 16, 2016
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Hello Don



I have recently changed both the network ssid and password. Our network is hidden and wpa2 encrypted.


Systems have been virus scanned with 2 scanners (MalwareBytes & Comodo) and look clean.


All wireless clients can be verified.


I would like Shaw to look at our connection and make sure all this traffic is ours and not spoofed. It would be nice if the traffic types could be identified (http(s), smtp, ftp, ...). Particularly interested in the upload as there is no way this is ours.










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Hello wlw


If you do not have any devices that use much bandwidth, this can usually be caused by either someone else accessing your connection or a possible virus on one of the devices. I would recommend running any virus scanning you have on them, as well as changing the password for your wireless network. You can find directions on how to do this here How to Change Your Wireless Network Password



The internet usage metre for our account is showing large download and upload numbers (165GB/20GB) and has been doing so for several months. We do not stream or watch netflix. No game players here either. There is no way we have used 20GB of upload.


Seems like these numbers shot up all of a sudden. Anyone else have a similar issue?