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Currently I’m with SHAW for around 10 years now, with TV, Internet & Phone with no major issues. I completely ignored other provider’s good offers in the past. Recently, another good offer came along which will save me $55.00 a month for 6 months including extra channels on top of what I have with Shaw which I thought a good deal. After 6 months, I can go back to Shaw and avail the new customer promo again saving me around $50.00 per month for another 6 months. This cycle is being done by people I know which saves them considerable amount of money.


I was recently in contact with Shaw Customer Service V36A, I asked about my PVR Promo attached to my 24 month contract which will be ending soon and was told moving forward that I need to pay for the monthly rental. I also asked if cancelling the service needs a 30 day notice. Suddenly the answer was “Good News, you get to keep the rental (PVR) past 24 month period” “No need to worry about returning (the unit), signing (a contract) or rental fees” and of course I was told no more 30 day notice for service cancellation. Good to know thank you.


Out of 4 HD Boxes I have, I am still using 2 old PVR which are not compatible with some of the Shaw’s new channel format, I just pretend not to know about it as I don’t want to incur more cost for HD Boxes. That again because I’m a “grandfather customer”, I need to give up my Internet “Grandfather” Plan to get a better Internet Modem Replacement, resulting to higher monthly internet bill but then again my Personal TV went up automatically. So you see I’m not a not a “Grandfather” anymore as services were updated to current price levels, what’s next, my basic phone?

It makes me wonder, Does it really payoff to be a Loyal Customer? Is there a benefit for being a Loyal Customer? Does it matter who the Provider is? Why am I still with SHAW all these years? Personal Pros and Cons are considered but I still see the bottom line.


Looks like benefits are in favor of new customers at the expense of the old ones. Economically, it would be better to be a NEW CUSTOMER all the time and why not?