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Discussion created by athornbo on Mar 25, 2016
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Hello i live 5 mins west of Calgary in Springbank. I am surrounded by homes that have Shaw service. I have called multiple times trying to see about getting service to my home. Shaw is listed on our utility right of way and there are cable utility boxes in our culdesac. On my last attempt I had asked how we can get service and the young lady at the call centre said she could send a tech out to take a look, but first needed to add our address into the system. She sent off an email to do this and said she would call back by the next day. No call back. I waited a week and called again, only to be told our address was still not in the system and I would be contacted by the original agent. Waited some more... No call back. Called again and was told my house is "not servicable" what does this mean? Why are there cable utility boxes around my whole culdesac? How does everyone around me have Shaw? Why cant a tech even come and look? Very frustrated.