Free Range App "blackout" confusion

Discussion created by gumberculeez on Mar 23, 2016
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Hey all;


I have a rather specific question regarding the Free Range app and the blackout rules that go with it.  I've chatted with the @Shawhelp guys through twitter, but things don't add up so I'd like to discuss with more then 140 characters. 


My question is specifically with Calgary Flames games on SportsNet west.  According to the FAQ section if I'm outside of the allotted area to view (IP I suppose) I'm blacked out.  The example you give is, if I travel to Vancouver, I will be blacked out of watching Flames games on SNW.... makes sense. However, here's my issue with my two examples:


Example 1:

Sitting in the Market Mall food court in Calgary, connected the Shaw Go WiFi, SportsNet west shows a black out.


Example 2:

Sitting on my bed, on my iPAD, connected to my Shaw router WiFi... with the game on SportsNet west downstairs. it shows I'm blacked out in free range. (in Airdrie)


I get if I'm in another market I'd be blacked out... makes sense.  However, those two above examples are confusing as to why I'm blacked out on free range.