GatewayHDPVR user manual is pretty useless.

Discussion created by earlrosebery on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by shaw-don

After an hour on the phone activating my Gateway box ,I set out to use it.


The manual is SO inadequate.  I had asked on the phone if the guide grid could include more lines and rows like the old model- just Scrooge. I asked if I could page down-no or jump a day-no. Neither covered in the manual.  Turns out you page down with the channel down button and jump a day with the skip button.


little info as to how to remove unwanted or unused channels from the guide- For example all the HD Chanel's are duplicated as standard channels. I was told to use favourites instead. No info that unwarned items can be removed from the menu.  I could go on.


i didn't want to buy this and find out it was as bad as the discontinued PVR so I'm renting it although that costs a little more.


search by category ,eg hockey gives hundreds of choices- not much help. And so on . We'll see if it's a keeper.