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Twitch stream is lagging/dying.

Question asked by koralice2 on Mar 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by brandyn

I'm an active twitch streamer and lately I can't get my stream to be stable. The was an issue in my area earlier this month or last month and it was about that time that this problem started happening. Previously, I had no trouble streaming. Now, my bandwidth on OBS fluctuates like crazy and even drops connection. Outside of streaming, the internet has been seemingly OK, Netflix has been wonky on occasion, but for the most part OK. I am at my wits end with dealing with the ShawHelp Twitter account telling me to reset my router. The problem started when the network had problems and it has been with me since. It also appears to be random. I have run ping tests during the times of trouble and have gotten 4% packet loss. Please help me get this issue sorted out, or I'm going to have to switch providers, it's silly.


Thank you - Kory