Not enough channels for my modem

Discussion created by rydawg on Mar 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by sango

Im having a lot of problems with my modem lately. Recently I've been noticing my router has been running slowly. Even when I open up the router settings in my web browser, it loads slowly. The worst it gets is when I'm watching HD videos on YouTube, as it constantly has to buffer. I tried some options to see why my router is running so slow and I think I've found the problem. There are too many 5ghz Wi-Fi devices running around my house, and I'm not being given enough channels for my modem. When I go to change the 5GHz channel on my modem, I am only given four options to change the channel, and all four of them seem to be used by other acces points surrounding my house. And I've found out that the channels being used are not only being used by Shaw modems, but one of the four channels was even being used by a Telus Optik TV wireless acces point by one neighbor. So if the modems only offer four channels when there is only two different service providers in my area, this is a huge problem. I was wondering, is there a software update available to add more channels? Or do I have to get my modem upgraded?