Why Was My Internet Plan Changed Without My Consent ????

Discussion created by bostonbob on Apr 11, 2016
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I'll try to make this as brief as possible but I do want to make sure that I give you all the needed information. Since last August I have been on the Internet 5 package although I have been getting Internet 15 speeds. This arrangement was set up by somebody over in the Customer Retention Department. So last Friday I started having some internet problems ( some sites were loading up very slowly or not at all ) so I call Tech Support and after about 20 minutes everything was working normally once again. On Sunday night I was checking out my personal SHAW Account page and noticed that my bill ( for March and April ) had gone down by about 7 bucks but I thought it was just a mistake and would be corrected shortly. But then I clicked on the " View Usage History " button and at the top of the page it said that my current monthly service is Internet 30. Now I'm really confused as to wth is going on here. So I called Customer Service today and was told that my internet package was indeed switched from Internet 5 to Internet 30 last Friday. I assured the CSR that I certainly never agreed to any switch and switching internet plans was never even brought up. Unfortunately I never mark down the name of the people I talk to at SHAW and the CSR could not find any record of who I talked to last Friday - all I remember is that it was a female and she was located here in Vancouver. The CSR now tells me that I might as well keep the Internet 30 package as it is on a 3 month promotion and I would actually be saving money which now explains why my bill went down over the weekend. I got passed over to Internet Tech and after explaining everything once again was told that he would do a bit of research to see if he could figure out just what happened. I'm on hold for a couple of minutes and then I'm told that the person that switched my Internet package was not even the same person I talked to last Friday !!!!!! At this point I'm more confused then angry although I am certainly not very happy with this unauthorized change. The person at Tech Support then told me that the person that made the switch is not in today but that he would send him an e-mail and see if he could tell him what happened. The Tech Support person then told me that he will not be in on Tuesday or Wednesday but that he will definitely call me on Thursday or Friday with an update. He also suggested keeping the Internet 30 package for the next 3 months if only to save money since I really have no need for anything more than Internet 5.


I guess my one big concern is this - how can something in my SHAW account be upgraded or downgraded without my consent ???? I'm really hoping that this was just a case of human error because if it wasn't then I'm definitely not going to be a happy camper.