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Shaw blocking ( firewall ip)

Question asked by delsey on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by kevinds

Hi there. Today I could not access my website (front end or admin screens). Investigation showed that the site was up - I could see traffic in google analytics, my monitoring service showed it as up and I could access it via my telus phone if I switched to mobile data. I could also get to the site via various proxy sites.


I had an online chat with someone at shaw who (like other posts here Please Stop Blocking ) assured my that shaw do not block ip addresses, and sent me off down the rabbit hole of connecting directly to my modem just to prove I still had the problem, even though they admitted they couldn't see the site either.


However after also raising this with sucuri (who provide a website firewall service and own as one of their firewall ips, Sucuri Security — Website Security, WAF, Website AntiVirus ) they told me that they had this problem with other Shaw users. Also a traceroute showed that the traffic was getting out to the Shaw routers, but no further.


I get very frustrated with Shaw's stock answer of connecting directly to the modem (which indecently upset my router and cost me a lot of time reboot and resetting) and attitude of 'not our problem' when they are in fact blocking the IP - there may be a good reason, but that doesn't help me unless Shaw admits they are blocking it.


The responses on the other threads state that Shaw only block IPs if there is a problem with them (phishing etc). I would like to know what the problem is with as is our main source of income, and I do not want it to be associated with malware or other online threats, and cannot afford to lose access to it. I would also be interested to know if Shaw has had any communication with sucuri, and what their response has been.


Below is a copy of the support message from sucuri, and the traceroute results are attached:



from Sucuri:


Ah, yes - now I see. This is Shaw. Based on tickets today they seem to have killed the routing to firewall IP address of We have a few Shaw customers will exactly the same issue.


Since we have no control over what Shaw does, we can't fix that. The best I can do is give you a new IP address that they are not blocking, but we would appreciate it if you can talk to Shaw and tell them to stop blocking that IP ( As their customer, you are being affected; it doesn't look like any Shaw customers can reach your website at the moment (best guess based on information we have now).


I have added to your plan. It will take about 10-20 minutes for this to start to take effect and I can't say for sure when it will complete because DNS propagation can take some time. I expect within an hour it will be fixed in Canada, which is where your issue is.


I hope that helps. Please let us know if you're still having issues after an hour or so.


- jon