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Shaw Advanced WiFi vs Motorola Surfboard (SB5101)

Question asked by reillywood on Apr 2, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by sango



I have a good working configuration with the Motorola Surboard paired with a Linksys DIR-655 router.  The best part of this configuration is that I can place the DIR655 in the middle of my home and get good coverage.


I recently picked up the Shaw Advanced WiFi modem and set it up, fully replacing my Motorolo & Linksys setup.  About the only part of this I like is getting the 5GHZ WiFi.  I hate that the wifi now sits near an outside wall and doesn't give as good coverage.  And I don't like the limited options that I have in configuring the Advanced WiFi but I could probably live with it.


So my immediate options appear to be:

  1. Revert back to my Motorola/Linksys setup
  2. Set up the Advanced WiFi in bridge mode and use the Linksys
  3. Leave the Advanced WiFi setup as-is


Is there an advantage to #2 over #1?