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Intermittent Slow Internet

Question asked by delsey on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by shaw-don

We are suffering from intermittent slow internet. The typical pattern is that around this time of day (8-9 am pst) our internet is slow, with ping times in the 100's of ms and download speeds < 2mbs.


I have been through the process with shaw support - rebooting/connecting directly to the modem etc. This was a few weeks ago - I am sure its logged against my account somewhere. Connecting directly to the modem did NOT solve the problem. A tech was sent out, and we moved the modem and router and signal levels etc were checked, but the problem persists, occurring every few days or so.


I have started a log - we last noticed the problem 9am pst 4 april, and it has occurred again this morning (speed test results attached). This morning we are trying to participate in a online business webconference, which is impacted by the poor internet quality, and also means that I can't just go and connect to the router.


We work from home and run an online business so the internet connection is very important to us.


I will continue to keep a log and if I get the chance I will try to connect to the modem again - the frustration is that the problem is transient which makes it difficult to diagnose.


I had a couple of requests:

  • Can Shaw run any additional diagnostics or ongoing monitoring on our connection for a period of time?
  • If the problem persists is there any mechanism to swap out the modem (I know its unlikely to be the cause but at least it would eliminate it from the analysis.)