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Connection dropping in Victoria

Question asked by johntowler on Apr 9, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by shaw-harvey

I’m having a problem with dropped Internet connection, which I initially blamed on my D-Link router. Now I’m not so sure it’s at fault, at least not entirely. I’m in Victoria, on a Mac running OS X 10.11, and my connection drops frequently. When I bring up the Diagnostics wizard in the Network panel of System Preferences, the Ethernet and Network Setting status lights will be green, but the Internet, Server, and as of today the ISP, lights will be yellow or red. Often just bringing up the Diagnostic wizard will be enough to turn all five lights green, but sometimes rebooting the router, and occasionally the cable modem (Motorola) as well, is necessary. Lately I’ve been plugging the Mac straight into the modem, not using the router, and I’m still having the problem. In fact, right now I’m plugged straight into the cable modem, and once in a while the three problematic status lights will blink to red, then back to green.