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I have Shaw internet, wanted to upgrade to Internet 60.

Question asked by sledge on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by shaw-ken

I received a flyer in the mail from Shaw pushing an upgrade from internet 30 to 60. I responded online and a few days later received a new modem, a hitron CGNM-2250 in the mail. In the past when I wanted to get internet sped up I phoned and shortly after the internet speed was up. I usually do not need the extra speed except when I have a lot of online work to do so I would upgrade for a one month period. The upgrade offer appealed so I ordered it. But I did it online and now I am concerned that there has been a mixup.

Do I really need this new modem? Is it that much better than my old one? Does this new modem replace my old one or work with it?