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Slow internet speed

Question asked by rogwp on Apr 25, 2016
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I have been told that Bowen Island, BC receives the internet connection from the mainland via microwave and that the system is unable to provide a reasonable service to the island. I understand that an investment in infrastructure needs to happen, and that could take some time. My question is: how much longer will it be before we can get a reasonable service? This has been going on for many months now. I have been keeping records since February 24, 2016, and have logged a high of 29.25 Mbps download in the mornings to a low of 1.46 Mbps download in the evenings. My upload is almost constant at around 2.71 Mbps. I pay $70.00 per month for Internet 25 - not a happy camper.


I will have to renew my Netflix subscription soon, is it worth even bothering with HD?


I have phoned in a couple of times about this issue, and have had the technician out to swop out the modem. All tests are done via ethernet directly to the computer from the modem (without anything else running). Of course all the usual "quick fixes" have been tried, so please do not suggest them again.


I attach a screen shot of tonight at 6:48 pm. Should I change to a phone line service, or is there hope with Shaw?


(Since I wrote this the download speed has dropped to 1.26 Mbps at 7:28 pm.)



Screenshot 2016-04-25 18.48.07.png