"No current program" listings - why do they appear; can't be recorded!

Discussion created by bcb on Apr 25, 2016
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A couple things to report, 1) an apparent change in the HD Guide behaviour when a program listing's info is missing, and 2) inability for the DCX3510 to record a show with no guide listing info


1) Firstly about the HD Guide listings...

Recently (I can't say exactly when, but sometime in the past couple months or so), the HD Guide occasionally lists a program as "No current program".  There is no program information for such a program shown in the Guide or if you press Info.  In the past, sometimes there would be a program that showed up as "To be announced" or something like that, I think something changed recently that lists some of these programs with missing information now as "No current program". Note - I still see some programs listed as To be announced, so it's not like all the shows missing info are displayed this way.


I notice if I page ahead 2 weeks in the HD Guide, eventually all the programs show as "No current program". Those far-in-the-future listing used to say To be announced, I'm pretty sure. It seems that some programs never get updated listing info, even when they've come within the 2 week guide range. This seems particularly a problem with some sports events like playoff games


Here's are examples where I can see both kinds of listings in the guide on the same day and channel

- tomorrow 4/26 ch3 CBC 3:30-7:00pm shows a "No current program"

- tomorrow 4/26 ch3 CBC 8:00-9:00pm shows as "To be announced"




2) the other more important part of my complaint here is that the above issue makes it IMPOSSIBLE to do anything with such a "No current program" eg record it in advance, get info, or even set the recording manually once the show starts and you're viewing it live. Pressing OK normally would bring up the menu with option to record, start from beginning, etc, but instead it shows "Info is unavailable for this program at this time" and no possibility to do anything.


Interestingly you CAN set a recording for shows listed as "To be announced" - you can even find such listings in Search ( but you can't find the No current program ones that way)


a couple examples - several recent NHL playoff games have shown up as No current program. eg today's Anaheim/Nashville NHl playoff game, ch 22 5pm PDT and also Chicago/St Louis game ch3 5:30pm are both listed as No current program. Can't schedule a recording of either,  can't press the record button to record once the program starts, to record one while I watch the other.


another example - last Saturday, I happened to be tuned to ch11 Global at 11:35pm when SNL came on. I noticed it was a special episode commemorating Prince, but the listing said "No current program". I would have liked to record this one-time show for later, but could not. Could not even press the record button to manually start a recording


I notice in these cases that if you're viewing such a program while it is airing live, you can still press rewind to review earlier points in the show, or pause, or fast-forward or press LIVE. So it's clear the show is being buffered normally. That makes it especially frustrating when you can't even press Record to save the recording manually.


Very annoying.

Especially since it seems these kind of missing listings are most often one-time-only events


ps before someone suggests the standard-suggestion to power cycle my DCX3510 to clear the No current program listings...  a few things:

- I did do that yesterday just to see if it would fix a No current program listing that was already airing in-progress (the Dallas/Minnesota NHL playoff game). the reboot did fix the listing to show correct info.

- rebooting the DCX3510 takes almost a full 5 minutes so that's not really a suitable solution to try and record an already in-progress show without missing part of the show.

- even though I rebooted my box less than 12 hours ago, already today's NHL games (ANA/NSH and CHI/StL as mentioned above) both still show as No current program. So I can't record either one of these games. I don't want to, nor should I have to, reboot my Shaw box daily to be able to succesfully record things!!!


I will say that long ago I'm pretty sure you similarly couldn't record shows listed as "To be announced". But now it seems you can, though I still think something has changed recently with the appearance of these "No current program" listings which are definitely unrecordable.


So questions:

- why are these "No current program" listings happening, when they never did before in several years of owning the DCX 3510

- and more importantly can Shaw fix the ability to record such programs? It should ALWAYS be poss to press the record button to start a recording of something already airing and being viewed on the TV