Discussion created by verbilion on Apr 21, 2016
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So these perks that we had are now being removed and SHAW wants us to believe FREE RANGE CHICKEN TV is free as perk because we have a TV subscription.  Sure the APP is FREE but getting the TV show very likely isn't, since you must either be on a data program from you phone service provider or wifi. n If you have a phone doesn't that means if you don't have enough data or if you do, you are paying to get The TV Show?  The increased speed of Shaw WIFI is great if it were available in more locations outside major cities, eg Vermilion AB where there are many Shaw and Shaw Direct customers.  generally we do not get to take advantage of this perk so it being free is really not a perk if it isn't available.  I suspect somewhere along the line these things are costing SHAW or NOW  CORUS money.  What perks are coming down the line.  Sort of like when a politician cancels a program and says trust me something better will be coming.  Quit taking away and making promises.  Better if you replace a perk when you cancel it