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I need a specific Shaw phone # but cannot have it because it's in a different city?!?!?

Question asked by 29akash on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by shaw-phil

Ok, I need a specific phone # that is not being used. It's a shaw phone # (confirmed with tech support). But Im not able to register it because the # belongs in a different city than where i am. This city is about 30 mins from me and i dont see why i cannot register it. Im in Surrey, BC and the phone # is in Aldergrove, BC.


I've been told a round about way to get this phone #. Tech support said to register it through a cell phone provider and get them to port this # in. Well since shaw cannot give me this # Fido/Rogers/Telus cannot port it for me because it doesn't belong to me.


Anyone have any suggestions. I really want to be a SHAW PHONE SUBSCRIBER and it seems they dont want my business. There has to be an easier way for me to get this phone #.