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Arris 6782 giving minimal coverage

Question asked by jensa on May 8, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by sango

We've had this modem since we signed up for Shaw a few years ago, and it gives very, very minimal coverage. We have a small 1000 sq ft house, and the modem is at one end of the house. We can't get internet at the other end, which is about 30 feet away. We can't get internet downstairs either. The signal is just SO weak.


I have talked with support, changed channels, changed every function I've been told to change, and absolutely nothing is making this modem get us connected like those damn robots say. With Telus we had amazingly strong wifi throughout the entire house and to our detached garage over 75 feet outside! This has been really disappointing - will Shaw swap out this crap modem for no cost for one that actually has coverage? It's making us consider switching back to Telus.