Triple whammy when recording delayed programs

Discussion created by kritiker on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by kritiker

Hi all, once again I have experienced several triple whammies when trying to record some programs that were delayed by the prior program's running late.

  1. The recording starts and ends at the originally scheduled time, so of course it ends partway through the program I want.
  2. When I notice, I try to record the episode on another channel but of course I am allowed to schedule the recording on a channel I don't usually watch - because I do not subscribe so I cannot watch it there but I don't find out until I try to watch it, usually at least several days later.
  3. As luck would have it, the episode I want is available, free, on VOD but I cannot fast forward ahead the 30-40 minutes I need to get to the spot where I left off watching the episode.

I recall complaining about all this a few years ago and mentioning, at that time, that my long-retired, archaic Toshiba VCR used to be able to tell me which series and which episode was recording (and playing back) but in this day and age we still cannot get our programs to record when they are on as opposed to when they were scheduled.

Just venting (and maybe hoping that the answer has changed since the last time I did so but ....)