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Webmail appears empty (inc. Trash) but quota still full.

Question asked by c.longland on May 15, 2016
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My Shaw Webmail quota has nearly been reached, so I created a locally stored archive folder in Windows Live Mail in and moved all emails from Inbox into this folder.* After logging into Shaw Webmail, the emails no longer appear in my Inbox, nor do they appear in any other folder, including trash, however the quota is still nearly at capacity. I manually deleted a few sent emails through Shaw Webmail, and the 'used' data did change, but the thousands of emails that were in the Inbox appear to be invisible and still counting to the quota.


Are they still being stored in Webmail? If so, how can I delete them permanently to free up space.


To reiterate, all folders in Shaw Webmail (including Trash) are empty, but the quota is still sitting at 998.2MB.





*My understanding of Windows Live Mail is that it accesses the IMAP server directly, and any changes made within the specific email account in WLM should be propagated to the Webmail server. However by moving the emails from the Inbox on the Shaw email account (in WLM) to a local storage folder, I would have expected them to be removed from the Webmail server.