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hitron modem icmp priority

Question asked by yuno-gamer on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by shaw-jason

when is shaw going to do what basically every provider does with every modem? prioritize ping, aka icmp IN THE MODEM? i already have it prioritized in my router's qos & its been stated by shaw already that for whatever reason the hitron modem doesnt give priority to icmp. over ethernet just pinging the modem should be constant <1ms, not 4ms~20ms..


shaw said its fixable with a firmware update, every time theres a maintenance coming thats going to "reset" the hitron modems i keep checking for this change, its still not here. why? is it EVER coming? its been numerous firmware updates since the modem came out, once recently they even went backwards on the firmware version, whats so hard about having icmp with priority? like every piece of network hardware cheap and expensive has it prioritized out of the box, or at least has an option for it.


some games use icmp for matchmaking for determining the best server, we get skewed results & performance cause the modem felt like turning a 44ms icmp trip into 90ms etc.