ip passthrough stopped working & internet went to crap

Discussion created by yuno-gamer on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by shaw-shaun

this morning around 9:10am central, ip passthrough stopped working. i already checked my router, toggled off/on the ip passthrough option on the hitron modem, reboots, all the usual simple stuff. its still not giving an ip to the router, & obviously i had the 2nd ip enabled & working fine since i had the internet installed in jan 2016. with ip passthrough off its working which leads to problem #2.


the speeds are now complete garbage, & yes im using ethernet, yes i already connected directly to the internet 30 suddenly became internet 8. my 5mbps up became 0.5 mbps up. winnipeg recently had a maintenance for whatever reason, now all these problems are out of nowhere. when doing a speedtest the speed starts normal for 3 seconds, then drops to 8mbps with 500ms+ of latency, i cant play games i cant do crap with dial up like lag & thats on the downstream. on the upstream it just goes to 0.5 mbps with 90%+ packet loss + 2000ms+ latency.


the leds on the modem are all normal too, blue for down/up channel, solid green @ symbol. i also noticed before ip passthrough & internet speeds broke, my ip was 24.76.x.x, now its 24.78.x.x. there is another shaw internet upstairs thats also internet 30, that someone else has, that one is using an unbridged cisco dpc3825 modem (crap, but at least it prioritizes icmp), speeds, latency are normal as ever on that line. even it's ip has NOT changed either..