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Is anyone not able to streamline to CraveTV with Samsung smart TV 4K 6390 series? Mine used ot work, not anymore for two weeks.

Question asked by 2pestonge on May 1, 2016
Latest reply on May 1, 2016 by shaw-jason

Since CraveTV crashed the second week of April 2016, I haven't been able to start any show on my 4K Samsung smart TV: Model #: UN60JU6390F.  The TV does log in fine with the CraveTV app to their homepage. No matter which show I click on, it refused to load. I only get a rotating cursor in the middle on the screen. Nothing works. I can still make changes to my craving list. This is all that I can do.  CraveTV support staff on the phone have not been able to help me out to solve this issue. It is a mystery to them. I followed all their suggestions multiple times, nothing helped. It used to work perfectly before all the time. Are anyone in the community experiencing the same issue?