HD  on channels gone on VOD

Discussion created by petali13 on May 14, 2016
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Just found out the hd option is no longer available when watching VOD. This is crap! what's the point of paying for hd services when you cant even watch them? We try and pvr as much as we can but sadly our shaw box likes to crap out on us every couple of months so that's the only way we can keep up with everything.

The other concern that i have is that if i find a show id like to start watching it doesn't have all of the episodes from the beginning even if season 1 has just started on tv IE criminal minds without boarders and blindspot.

After chatting with one of your representatives we aren't the only ones upset by this. Bring the Friends of shaw!!! Even if its as an extra.

We are seriously considering switching over to telus after 20 years with shaw. we have had so many technical issues but the customer service has always been really good (even though we had to wait 4 days for a tech to come) but this is the breaking point.


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