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Question asked by jkoppel on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2013 by jkoppel

Can someone at Shaw tell me when they are going to provide decent information about programming in their new guide?

I don't care if programs are underlined or I can get video on demand with the click of a button. I just want to know that I can rely on the guide to tell me what programs are on and at what time.

I watch a lot of English football, but I cannot always watch live.Unfortunately I cannot record them consistently with this new guide/pvr combo.

At present Channel 154 - Sportsnet World is shown as  FA Soccer (from 2007 no less) on Saturday morning instead of the regularly scheduled match.

Sportsnet web site has had the games listed correctly for some time and even he guide showing on my old PVR shows them correctly.


Considering the cost of the new box and the amount I spend with Shaw each month, I do not believe I am expecting too much.