would like to say thank you to shaw staff

Discussion created by andy1110 on Jun 1, 2016
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I would like to praise 2 of Shaw's customer support staff (live chat), Vanessa ID93 and Aman V50A.


I was having a pretty complex situation because I will be leaving for a trip shortly for one month, and will be moving to a new address when I get back. When I was contacting Shaw support regarding to this issue, both Aman and Vanessa showed exceptional patience and helpfulness, which helped to solve my questions way beyond my expectations. In the end only minimal actions are required on my side, which is very convenient for me.


Special thanks to Vanessa because I forgot to mention the details of my situation, which made it quite confusing for her. Sorry I didn't realize that earlier, and that made our conservation pretty lengthy because she was trying to find the best possible solution for me.


I just would like to say I am impressed by the quality of support that I received, and thank you, Vanessa and Aman, for making a not-so-usual request such a good experience.