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Question asked by dennistweedle on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by dennistweedle

I am wondering if my issues are isolated to me as I'm not seeing them in the forums. I have had a list of issues with the guide for going on two years. The last tech I had here (for another issue) led me to believe that the problems I'm encountering are system wide and should be addressed in the near future so I have suffered in silence. I believed this because (at different times) My gateway, portals and remotes have been changed for unrelated reasons. I have even moved residence twice and the problems persist! These problems aren't why I moved! I won't list all the qwerks because there's too many! Basically it seems like the guide isn't listening to my remote all the time. silly things like push a button once and it moves twice or doesn't move. Sometimes the confirmation tone works, sometimes not. Sometimes says i'm on a different channel than i'm on, sometimes show description will flash on and off while I'm trying to read it. Don't get me started on trying to enter a shows title in search, All I will say is the system on the whole performs well but when I pick up my remote I get ready to be frustrated! Is there a software redesign in the works or do I need more ativan! Thx in advance for your attention.