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free range from surface rt wont play/subscription required

Question asked by th0ms0n on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by shaw-don

I'm trying to use the free range from web browser at home, but when I select a channel to play it just says attempting to resume. It says this twice and then it tells me a subscription to this channel is required. it does this for everything I select. If I use the app from my android phone I have no problem viewing anything.


I also noticed it saying something about the air date being for the following day of when I was actually trying to watch


This is the diagnostics report from the error


OS Windows RT 8.1

Browser IE 11.0

Build number256172

Flash version21.0.0.213

Status out of home

Entitlement stve-linear, tve-vod

Last fingerprint unknown

Stream provider primetime

Video IDtvgrid/listing/1006430505232259109/?channelId=6884809047573841104Error code900.primetime.3329.12012

Error description Account is not entitled to the linear stream.

Error aux info ProviderCICTHD

Video Sourcetvelinear

Video TitleGlobal News at 5: