Getting really tired of maintenance outages

Discussion created by nstretch on Jun 2, 2016

I signed up here just to say that I'm getting really sick of these overnight maintenance outages that cut off my internet for hours without warning.  (Yes, I know the shaw.ca/updates page theoretically has warning, but there is no way to know which notifications there will specifically affect me, and no way to get those updates automatically.  I've suggested to shaw reps in the past that they actually *email* customers when they know they will be affected by an outage, but apparently that's not something you're interested in doing.  (My guess being because you hope that most people just won't notice.))


Anyway, it's extremely frustrating.  Also frustrating is having my internet go down, then going to the updates page on my phone to see that there is a "brief" 6-hour planned outage.  In what universe is 6 hours a brief outage?!  If you regularly need to cut off people's access for that period of time, you need to build redundancy into your system.

Sadly I'm not sure that the alternatives are any better, but it's getting to the point where I'm actually considering suffering the speed hit to find out.


Oh, and while I'm here, having to wait half a day to have my forum account approved to post this rant is also irritating.