Bridged Mode with Discount Code

Discussion created by thaya258 on Jun 23, 2016
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I recently got Shaw internet and home phone service installed in my house. The sales person who offered us a deal and convinced us to switch over from Telus failed to mention a lot of key things.


I found out that if there is a discount code on my account, due to the old system Shaw is using, my modem cannot be bridged as the system does not allow for a discount code and bridged mode code to be on the same account. When I inquired about this, the customer service representative was rude in saying that if you paid full price it would not be a problem.


I did not ask for this hassel upon me. I think it is unfair that Shaw has an outdated system and then blames the customer and asks the customer to take action. I understand that my Cisco DPC3848v allows for IP-Passthrough, but I do not want to use this as it exposes my router to some security vulnerabilities, performance drops, and also causes issues with my work VPN.


I did manage to find a way to enable the operation mode in the web portal for the modem and force it to switch to bridged mode but this fails to resolve connection with Shaw since it calls the Shaw system to check if the configuration matches on their end. (I am a programmer, do not do this unless you know what you are doing)


Am I stuck here? The service tech who did the installation mentioned that he has been running into this problem for about 6 months now and Shaw does not have this as their priority.