" HD Box Interuption " Thread Disappeared

Discussion created by bostonbob on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by wilthor

After yesterday's HD Box fiasco I wanted to check out the thread today and see where we stood as far as any sort of compensation goes. Much to my surprise the thread has completely disappeared. I did find a link to it in another thread but when I clicked on it all I got was this:


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Last night ( when the thread was still there ) after the problem was fixed somebody here had posted that " Shawn from Shaw " had given them a $ 250 credit and 4 free VOD rentals which I find highly unlikely. Most posters were saying that they were offered either 3 or 4 free VOD rentals for the inconvenience. How do I go about claiming those free VOD rentals or any other compensation that Shaw is handing out ????