Need new digital box & PVR capability

Discussion created by shrimpie on May 26, 2016
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Currently we have a Pace Summit high def Digital Box & iomega PVR expander but we've had big trouble in past week. Most serious issues (among many) were

(1) Changing channels took ~10 secs+ & you couldn't key in channels with 3 digits;

(2) When 1st turned on, TV screen went blank after 2-3 secs and needed digital box un-plug/re-plug to come on;

(3) But....Digital box didn't correct withe usual fix (unplug for 1 min, etc.) but instead got worse;

(4) Biggest NEW problem after the 'fix' (among many): the box cut its connection to TV screen every 10-12 mins., went through start-up routine for a few mins, came on & then cut off again 10-12 mins later, in an eternal loop.


So almost week without workable TV service. Today Shaw technician (nice young man) tried several experiments. Biggest result was when the iomega PVR hard drive was disconnected, the digital box no longer cuts off. So we now have TV cable service but no PVR capability. The service rep recommended we get a newer Shaw digital box and to phone....


As longtime Shaw customers - it's all we've had from the get -go after Videotron (which went kaput in AB?) - we want to stay with Shaw but I don't think I can stand talking to Shaw's out-sourced sales people (who work on commission  & specialize in 'BS baffles brains') without more knowledge. Hence, this forum discussion. I tried Shaw's web pages but they're designed only to confuse: Digital Cable Box, HD PVR, And More | Equipment | TV | Shaw



We have only one TV and all we need is a reliable digital box that has PVR capability. Or we could go with separate digital box and external PVR storage hard drive but this is what eventually caused, or at least contributed to, the current problem in the first place. So what's the best buy for us? We need someone at Shaw to clearly explain our options, and once we decide, to deliver the equipment (hopefully getting a great deal as loyal customers) and install it.


Then we need to get our current TV package back for ~monthly fees. We're currently getting Shaw TV, Internet, and phone.


So can someone on the forum please advise on these issues? Many thanks.