Planned service outage notification

Discussion created by skippingrock on May 26, 2016
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These types of planned outages really need to be relayed to customers prior to it occurring, but not just here on this site. We cannot be expected to be constantly proactive and come here daily to find out if there 'might' be a planned outage. Shaw should be the proactive one and notifying users by emailing to their Shaw registered email account(s) about this happening. There is no logical or technical reason as to why this cannot happen. At the university we send out an email notification to all affected users so that they can properly plan their network needs. For a company as large as Shaw there is no excuse as to why Shaw cannot do the same and this truly is unacceptable.


The night in which a planned outage happened, I was in the middle of restoring a backup of my iOS device and all of sudden my network connection to the Internet just disappeared. Instead of being able to plan for this, my restore was messed up royally and I have since had to reset my device to its factory settings and try the restore again. I also ended up going to bed 2 hours later than I intended to because the way the outage occurred I still had a valid IP address on the router, but nothing was working, changing router settings, using a different router, by-passing the router, multiply resetting my modem.


Since I didn't have a network connection, I couldn't even get to the support page to see what was going on. Yes, I could have called, but I probably wouldn't have gotten through anyhow since probably all your other customers affected in the same way would be tying up the lines.


So please, do us all a favour and be proactive, for those of us who have an email registered to our accounts, email us when these are going to happen.


You have the means, you have the databases, you have the infrastructure, …

What you don't have is an excuse.