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Shaw Ridiculously Slow Internet Speeds on Bowen Island BC

Question asked by garyb on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2016 by shaw-lance

I was at our place on Bowen Island about a month ago where we have Shaw Internet. After three days of each night seeing Internet speeds drop to around 2 Meg Per Second (and at times less than 1 Meg Per Second) and each night talking to Shaw customer service about the issue and then finally speaking to a supervisor who explained the problem is from a microwave link to the island that is either broken or under-sized for the peak nightly traffic . It is now a month later and I am back at our place on the Island and was shocked to witness the identical problem last night. Can a microwave problem really not be corrected in month? How can you continue to charge the subscribers on Bowen Island for service that has evening service levels that are so poor no one would sign up for them (at any price)? Does Shaw believe that they are meeting their service level commitments to their subscribers on Bowen Island? If the CEO of Shaw lived on Bowen Island do you think after a month this problem would still be outstanding? When will this problem be fixed?