DCT 2000HT Support Ending?

Discussion created by 7825 on May 31, 2016
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Before l start... Yes I know the DCT2000HT is from the 1998-2003 era and essentially 13 to 18 years old at this point.... But it still works. Some features were disabled in 2008, others like Shaw on Demand ended in 2011...but the box still changes and tunes channels.


Recently I had to call Shaw about another issue and the support person said that Winnipeg and my area particularly has completed the digital network upgrade... And that soon the DCT 2000 would no longer be supported.


Is there truth to this and what is the technical reasoning? They said the box would not be able to tune the channels and were surprised I could still get all my SD channels. The DCT2000's still change all the channels... And run the same software as other legacy boxes (rovi guide)... Just a scaled back version.


Was the  support person misinformed? ... Or is Shaw planning on turning off all the DCT2000's at some point soon? Also is this the only model ending support (if true) or are their others too? Am I going to have some paperweights soon?


Thanks in advance.