[PC] COD Black Ops 3 High Ping

Discussion created by greatbeef97 on Jun 8, 2016
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Ive been having connections issues with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PC for some time. The problem is that my ping is always stuck at +80 and never changes at all. I tried playing on the weekends, Team Death Match and still no change


NAT Type Open

Wired connection

Internet Speed: by Ookla - My Results


Been bouncing around between Shaw and Activision and thinking it might just be the game?

Note: every other games I have played such as CS:GO, Dirty Bomb, Star Wars: Battlefront connections are a lot better!


Methods I have been told and tried:

Reinstall game

Verify game cache

Delete certain files in the steam folder and get new ones

Restarting router


Any ideas of how to fix it?