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CBS / Kiro 7 News at Noon - Region Blackout?

Question asked by sango on Jun 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by sango

I noticed recently that in Richmond/Vancouver, BC that when it's noon time, new are typically showing on a few Canadian and US channels except for one of them.


One channel in particular does not seem right, which is CBS because showing showing some Canadian paid programming  instead of Kiro 7 News at Noon.  All other Kiro 7 News broadcasts throughout the day are fine.


Supposedly the paid programming is by Kiro but it does not seem right.  I verified through a contact in Seattle that Kiro 7 News at Noon is in fact showing on CBS is airing on TV when the paid programming in place.


What is the reason for this blackout?  I do not recall this being here before and when will it return back to normal?  For now, I have to watch it using livestream on the internet during the meantime instead if I wanted to watch this.