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Downloading to Freerange to Win 10 tablet.

Question asked by biglar on Jun 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2016 by shaw-don

In a past forum question regarding Freerange found out downloaded movies to my iPhone cannot playback on a external device, i.e., big screen TV when iPhone cabled to TV. I was told could use a windows tablet logged into Shaw Freerange and via HDMI cable would be able to view on larger screen. But now found I cannot download the same movies I was able to download on my iPhone using a windows 10 tablet( same movies I download to my iPhone do not have download option when accessing on Win 10 yabliet. Was hoping to download couple old movies to view on my RV TV screen when I'm in the middle of nowhere (no internet/no wifi). Why won't freerange allow me to download the same movies to my Win 10 tablet like I was able to do on my iPhone?