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SB6120 and Internet 60

Question asked by saberon on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by shaw-don

So I recently got a letter in the mail about a promo where I can upgrade from Internet 30 to 60 for a reduced price and I'm highly interested....I do have a question however.


I have a SB6120 modem which I looooveeee to death, the letter mentions that I can get the Hitron for free, but is there anyway I can take advantage of the promo while keeping my SB6120? I have had BB100 on it, so I know it's technically capable.I thought I read something months ago about everyone on Internet 60 and up MUST have the Hitron but I don't know if I misread or if that has changed...


Thanks to anyone who can assist, have a great Canada Day weekend =)